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Today I Cried



  BY Dawn Robin O'Donnell

Today I cried.
Today the fact that I have this terrible disease became a reality
A wake up call
A slap in the face.
It really hit hard.

In 1992 at the age of 39
I graduated from college
Ready to realize my life long dream.
But it finally came true
I was an elementary school teacher.
But that wasn't enough.
I was working towards my Master's in Special Ed.
Then I got sick
Shocked for the first time. For 3 years I didn't know why.
Then last year I learned this new word
Almost immediately I found my new friends TMS.
But today I cried.
Last week I finally admitted I could no longer safely drive.
But I didn't cry
But today I cried.
Today Pete and I drove to our Elementary School.
It was a new beautiful school.
This is where I would have taught.
Today I cried.
I gathered together all the books and papers
Boxes and memories
Hopes and dreams
All the years of hard work and love
And I cried.

It finally hit me.
This was it.
I will never teach again.
A big part of me was left behind
In those boxes and books and papers.
And I cried.
But I know they're in good hands.
But it still hurts
And I cried.

Dawn Robin O'Donnell

Systemic Mastocytosis
Idiopathic Anaphylaxis




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